about us

For over thirty years, Faithful Printing Equipment & Supply Co., Ltd has steadily grown together with the electronic industry while contributing to the economic growth of both Taiwan and China.

Since Faithful’s inception in 1978, our responses to trends in the screen-printing industry are the result of the rich knowledge and experience gained from years in the business. We have risen from the distribution of screen/pad printing materials and peripheral apparatuses such as Adler screen-making chemicals, measuring/testing systems, and other products, to the cutting-edge of the industry by developing customized and fabricated chemical products in our state-of-the-art facilities. Products such as IC substrate, high-efficiency E-StenSol, paste-deduction Ag solar screens, giant G5 touch-panel screens, and AMOLED shadow masks have given us a solid reputation for our performance.

In order to satisfy our customers’ high-precision requirements in technology and to promote innovation, we built our Yang Mei No. 1 chemical factory for research and development and the mass production of inks, auxiliary, and a variety of chemicals.
Subsequently, construction of the Yang Mei No. 2, whose automatic production line of solar screens, giant screens, and E-StenSol in touch panels, began in 2011 and opened in the middle of 2012.

Yang Mei No. 2 screen-making factory is designed under the strictest controls to maintain a proper working environment. Complete with the integration of a stretching and screen-making center, laser-cutting center and laboratory, and a CAD/CAM center, we dedicate ourselves to manufacturing SMD and electroforming masks, photo masks, laser metal masks, and various precise and functional screens via the latest Laser Photo Plotter, Laser Cutter, and Film-free Screen Systems. Throughout Taiwan and China, we serve to provide optimized products through rapid development of electronics while serving customers in the related industries PCB, SMT, BGA, Flip Chip, Solar Cell, Passive Components, PDP, LCD and AMOLED.

We guarantee the highest quality in each of our products through complete precision inspection and measurement with tools such as 2D Measurement systems with 1 μm precision,2.5D Measurement systems, AOI systems, High-precision measurement systems, and 3D High Depth Digital Microscopes.

With Faithful’s cease less pursuit of perfection and excellence and teamwork with our customers, we have been moving forward for a better future.


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